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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Binge Drinking Negative Effects on Women

Are you a moderate or heavy drinker? Binge drinking are said to cause different health hazards especially in women. This can increase their risk of breast cancer, heart problems, STD's and unwanted pregnancy. How serious is binge drinking for women?

According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 14 million American women binge drink for an average of three times a month. Interestingly, too much alcohol consumption (for average women) leads in more than 23,000 deaths in women each year.

Binge drinking is a common behavior in high school girls and teens, which makes them prone to sexual activities and other risks. How can binge drinking impact a woman's life?

Binge Drinking and its Serious Health Effects in Women

It is good to note that men and women are not created equally which means that both sexes doesn't have similar response to alcohol. Women are easily intoxicated than men because their ability to handle or process alcohol are less effective than men. 

With drinking, women are more prone to unwanted sexual activities which can cause sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and unintentional pregnancy. They are also prone to unwanted intercourse which leads to rape or even death.

Why Women Binge Drink?

There are a lot of factors why majority of women binge drink. First is the influence of environment and the hardship of relationships. 

Your friends can encourage you to socialize more on parties and other events which includes alcohol beverages. Ignorance of your alcohol tolerance can lead to binge drinking without any signs. In average, women who consumes four or more alcohol drinks in a single occasion is already considered as binge drinking. 

Relationships can also lead to alcohol feast. A failed relationship has a big effect on mental and emotional side of women, who are practically has softer side than men. Almost 3 out of 10 women who binge drink are relationship related. Unfortunately, one of those three binge drinkers will eventually commit suicide due to severe depression. 

How to Prevent Binge Drinking Among Women?

There are several ways on how to help yourself or your friend from alcohol abuse. Counseling or therapies are effective method in reversing binge drinking attitude. Family care and support is the simplest way to help binge drinkers. 

If you think that your friends has a big influence over you, try to create a space to help you asses your health status. Think about your goals in life, is alcohol the only thing that can give you pleasure? 

If you are heart broken, try talking to your family, go out with friends or get busy with any physical activities. Socializing more can help you overcome failed relationship. Alcohol abuse treatment programs will help you overcome binge drinking, just like the one based in North Carolina


Binge drinking is a serious condition and it is even considered an emotional or mental distress. If you think that you are prone to binge drinking, consult your family or your physician immediately!

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