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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Health Risks of Having a Tattoo

Are you planning to have a tattoo? If you think that tattoo is a cool thing, think again. Tattoo obviously has health risks that you should be aware of. 

If you have a tattoo or planning to have one, this post will remind you about different health hazards that this body art can give you. You'll never know that tattoo is far riskier than any other arts out there.

What is Tattoo and How it is Done

boxer with a tattoo
You probably know what a tattoo looks like. You can see dozens of people in your neighborhood parading different types of body arts. So what is a tattoo?

Tattoo is a permanent art, marked or printed on your skin with pigments inserted through pricking your skin's top layer. Almost any arts can be drawn into your body, using either manual hand pricking or a sewing-like machine. 

Every puncture, the needles will insert an ink into your skin, creating your desired image slowly. A tattoo procedure is done without anesthetics, which means that you will endure a slight bleeding and pain. 

Every tools used in a tattoo procedure should be clean and sterilized (non-disposable tools), while the needle should be new and unused. Otherwise, you are prone to dozens of health hazards that will be discussed next.

Health Risks of Tattoo

Once the needle pricked into your skin, there are dozens of possible health risks that you can encounter. These include the following:

Allergic Reactions

Different tattoo dyes  (red, blue, yellow, green), are known to trigger allergic skin reactions. This include itchiness and rashes at the affected area. What is worst is that, allergic reactions may occurs years after the procedure, so it is not an abrupt skin reaction but rather a delayed.

Blood-Related Diseases

Needles is an important tool in a tattoo parlor. Intriguingly, needles should also be the new and unused for each customer. Otherwise, it will be the perfect source of blood-borne diseases. This includes hepatitis B, tetanus and even HIV.

Skin Infections and Diseases

Skin infections such as redness, swelling, pain on the affected area and a pus-like development can be the result of a tattoo. Some cases produces scars, which leads to keloids.

Other disadvantages of having a tattoo include MRI complications. If you have a tattoo and you are required to do an MRI examination, the tattoo area might cause to swell or create a burning sensation during or after MRI.  

What you can Do for a Safe Tattoo Procedure 

It is important that you look for a trusted tattoo parlor that have professional artists. Remember that you are entrusting your body to someone else, so it is imperative to look for someone who is an expert and experienced tattoo artist. 

Make sure that all the tools are new and the artist are wearing safety and clean gloves. Make sure that you ask the staffs if they sterilize their non-disposable tools, be curious on all possible aspects of tattoo procedures. 

Take Good Care of your Tattoo

After the procedure and all things went well without health complications, then it is still not over. You have to do a consistent care or maintenance of your tattoo in order to avoid any unwanted health conditions. You need to do the following tips:

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure
  • Don't expose your tattoo too much
  • Keep the tattoo area always clean
  • Choose your clothing wisely
  • Use moisturizer daily


Tattoos are considered an all-time trend that represents who you really are - attitude, behavior, personality, dislikes and hobbies. If you like to have a tattoo in the future, make sure that you fully understands the risks involved in a tattoo procedure.

Remember that a tattoo is a permanent procedure so make sure that you won't regret having a tattoo. Although a tattoo can be removed, tattoo removal is expensive and extremely painful. So choose the right image to be imprinted onto your skin.

In my opinion, you don't have to undergo any tattoo just to express yourself. There are dozens of ways to create a good personality, a tattoo should be the last on your list. Please consider the risks written above and make yourself clean and tattoo-less forever!

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