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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Learn about Some of the Best Cures for Hives

While hives might not be a serious medical condition, they are very annoying. Also known as urticaria, the cause for flare ups is still a matter of guess work.  

Due to this, finding the right hives treatment is generally quite difficult, but a good place to start getting informed is a new blog that focuses on this -  

Once considered a direct attribute of stress, this cause has now been ruled out. These days, some believe that something triggers an allergic reaction where the mast cells release histamine.

Below are the most popular forms of hives cures. If there isn’t relief provided by any of these, ask your doctor to do more testing such as a skin culture.

Allergy Medications

Every over-the-counter allergy medication, containing an antihistamine, can frequently relieve the itching and spread of hives. This sort of hives treatment calms the nerve endings and soothes the itch.  

Nevertheless, when you use an antihistamine you risk becoming drowsy. The optimal time to use this sort of treatment is at bedtime.

Clothing Worn Tightly

There are times when the simplest treatment for hives involves changing clothing styles. It could be that you’re allergic to the materials or detergents used in your clothing, or because they’re too tight.  

This could be the simplest hives treatment since it doesn’t require several visits to your physician or buying over priced over-the-counter drugs.


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Some people have food sensitivities which can trigger conditions such as hives. You will want to try reducing your salt and sugar use and remove gluten from your diet. Hives are frequently caused by chemical additives in foods.

Using antihistamines is an amazing hives treatment because it changes the production of histamine. To finally cure hives, you will be required to do some personal testing for yourself.  

You should take a step at a time while Curing hives. When you do, you might just find the right way to beat this annoying condition.

Medications May Do You Harm

There are a few ingredients in medications that a variety of people may be allergic to. Anyone taking several medications can find it a bit debilitating having to eliminate each one at a time instead of using an effective hives treatment.  

Before dropping any medications, you should first request your physicians advice.

Temperature Changes

Sudden body temperature changes often signal the body to go into defense mode. One tactic the body has of reacting to fast changes in temperature and deal with danger is to release histamine.  

For instance, as you are heading out for a jog you sometimes leave from a nice cool home to go into hot humid conditions which can often give off warning signals to your body systems.  

You may want to start changing temperatures gradually in order for your body can get used to new temperatures before heating it up.

Creams Against Hives

Many itch creams have an antihistamine that soaks into the pores and counteracts with the mast cells. There is a well known issue surrounding this Hives Treatment and that is they have the potential for disappearing, and cropping up in another place.  

The end result could be ending up with several sections of your body, covered with itch cream, as the hives spread around.

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